Taro Gomi Squiggles and Doodles Creativity Contest


Our copy of Scribbles:  A Really Giant Drawing and Coloring Book by Taro Gomi (Chronicle, 2006) is filling up really fast.  Leo draws in it occasionally, but now that Milly has discovered it, we might need to buy a copy of Doodles, too.  I think Taro Gomi's open-ended drawing and coloring books are the best:  thick-and-thin line drawings accompanied by picture prompts (Who is looking out the windows?), sometimes arranged in a series (It's a beautiful day today/Today it's not so nice/Today there's a thunderstorm!).  There are some things to color and cut out (masks; stationery and envelopes), and a few puzzles and games, too; but most of Scribbles' 368 pages, like those of Taro Gomi's other coloring books, are made especially for drawing.

You can print out some sample pages from Scribbles and Doodles here.  And fortunately for us, Chronicle Books is releasing two new Taro Gomi drawing and coloring books:  Squiggles and Doodle All Year (in a smaller, square format featuring spring, summer, fall, and winter scenes).  Be sure to check out Chronicle's Taro Gomi Squiggles and Doodles Creativity Contest celebrating the release of the new books, too.  You'll need to print out one of four pages from Squiggles and follow the prompt to complete the picture.  I like Let's play in the mountains! best.  Good thing the contest is open to scribblers and doodlers of all ages, so Leo and Milly--and maybe even me and you!--can enter.