Mary and the Mouse, MouseMouse and Maria?'s list of the Best Books of 2007 appeared in my Inbox last night. I was pleased to see that Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary by Beverly Donofrio, illustrated by Barbara McClintock (Schwartz and Wade, 2007) was one of their editor's top ten picture books of the year. We don't own it (yet), which makes it difficult to write about, but I love Barbara McClintock's work. When I saw Mary on display at Aladdin's Lamp a few days ago, I took a quick peek and was instantly charmed. I particularly liked the double-page spreads of the two houses, red brick Colonial and contemporary ranch, that the two generations of girls and mice live in.

Milly got two McClintock books for Christmas last year (Cinderella, which has become our favorite edition of that fairy tale, and Adele and Simon).  I think she may find another one under the tree this year.