2008 is not even a week old and already I've lost track of what I've read this year.  Not quite, maybe, but that's where I'm headed.  Now is the time to set up some sort of system, but what?  I could try:

  • A website like Goodreads or Library Thing
  • An unpublished blog post
  • Pen-and-paper.  Tricia keeps a list of titles in a notebook in her purse [see her helpful comment for how she keeps track of different kinds of books: picture books, teaching-related books, her own reading.  Thank you, Tricia!]
  • Christie recommends BookCat, a database program designed to catalog book collections [see her helpful comment for more on how she uses BookCat to catalog picture books.  Thank you, Christie!]
  • She also recommends keeping an annotated list with links (saves time later)
  • Something else entirely

How do you do it?  Please advise.

[Oh, and what about picture books?  I read hundreds (upon hundreds, probably) of picture books.  I don't think it makes sense to keep track of all of them:  maybe just new releases and books we love?]