Fast forward

We've been busy reading and making, gardening and baking.  All of it with support from our local library: I think we have a record number of books checked out.  Okay, over a 100 (how many do you have out right now? I'm curious).  I had several times that number checked out from the Grad Library at Michigan for years while I was writing my dissertation, so 100 library books doesn't sound like that much to me, but it seems to concern the librarians.  We've never lost one yet! I tell them cheerfully when they remark on it.  It's true: we keep them all in their own bookcase unless they're being read at bedtime.  Bedtime books are on the nightnightstand.

I have been hanging on to some of our library books longer than usual, just so I could write about them here: please look for a lot of short posts this week as I try to catch up.  Thanks for reading!