My Naughty Little Sister

my%20naughty%20little%20sister.jpgThe children are clamoring for more of the My Naughty Little Sister stories by Dorothy Edwards even as I try to write this post, so it will have to be short.  We discovered My Naughty Little Sister at the library yesterday--I saw the title, recognized the work of illustrator Shirley Hughes on the cover, and dropped the book in the library bag.  As it happens, Edwards's stories are favorites in England.  We read the first of them last night ("The naughtiest story of all") and were instantly charmed.  After all, I was a naughty little sister myself once, Leo thinks he's got one now, and Milly--well, let's just say that Milly likes the stories, too.

Our library holds the My Naughty Little Sister Storybook (published in the US by Clarion, 1990); but Egmont UK recently reissued the original collections, first published in the 1950s and 60s [warning: watch out for Her Irritable Father].  If you can't find My Naughty Little Sister, look for stories about Alfie and Annie Rose, written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes.  We love all of those.