Millicent and Stanford (and Emily, too)

I'm reading two middle-grade novels by Lisa Yee right now:  Millicent Min, Girl Genius (Arthur A. Levine, 2003) is my upstairs book and Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time (Arthur A. Levine, 2005) is my downstairs book.  Reading them together makes sense given that they tell the same story from two different points of view.  I'm a little surprised to find myself enjoying Stanford's book more than Millie's, but that could be because I identify too strongly with her (not necessarily the girl genius part, but maybe the uptight ultra-geeky part); it makes me uncomfortable.  Stanford is just hilarious.  So that's what middle school-aged boys are thinking.  Good to know!

so%20totally%20emily%20ebers.jpgI also just discovered that if I had another floor in my house I could be reading So Totally Emily Ebers (Arthur A. Levine, 2007), too.  See Lisa Yee's website for sample chapters of Millicent Min and Stanford Wong as well as a sneak peek at Emily.