George and Martha, the omnibus edition

From this week's PW Children's Bookshelf (8/28/2008):

"James Marshall, who created more than 75 books for children, died on October 13, 1992, nearly 16 years ago, at the age of 50. His passing left a hole in the hearts of those who knew him and worked with him, as well as his innumerable fans. This September, Houghton Mifflin is reissuing all 35 of Marshall’s beloved George and Martha stories in one omnibus edition; several authors and artists were invited to write appreciations for the book, and we include a selection of them here."

I absolutely adore George and Martha (I know; doesn't everyone?).  And even though (or maybe because) I already own most of the George and Martha books, in various editions (book club) and conditions (ex-lib), I think I need the omnibus, too.

[In other hippo news, the Washington Post recently reported that the National Zoo is looking for a new home for its hippo, Happy ("Zoo's Hippo Must Hit the Road," 8/3/08).  The kids drew hippo pictures (obviously inspired by James Marshall) and sent them to the hippo's keeper, JT.  We'll miss you, Happy.]