Looking for Nonfiction Monday?

Hooray!  You've found it.  Please leave me a comment with a link to your Nonfiction Monday post, and I'll update this post to include your links as the day goes on.  Or just click through to read other people's posts about nonfiction for kids.  Either way, thanks for visiting bookstogether!  I hope you'll come back soon.

Welcome to first-time Nonfiction Monday participants!

Zoe at Playing by the book is all about flags today, with a post titled Vexillology (that is, the study of flags).  Playing by the book features all sorts of great books for kids and the projects they inspire Zoe and her kids to create--today, it's a regatta!

Mandy at Enjoy and Embrace Learning reviews Z is for Zookeeper, which is about the changing role of zoos (not just the animals in them).  Her daughter is meeting author Roland Smith at school today.

Paula at Pink Me reviews some Really, Really BIG Questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything, Dr. Stephen Law's attempt to reach the youngest philosphers.  42?

Mid-morning edition (or, We're glad you're back, too!)

100 Scope Notes recommends DK's Children's Book of Art, which is beautifully laid out (see the post for a look at the inside).

Sarah at In Need of Chocolate reviews Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution by Steve Jenkins.  She mentions a timeline of the development of life on earth as if it were taking place during a 24-hour day.  When do humans show up?  Read her post (and the book) to find out.

Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect is in today with Nic Bishop Marsupials.  I'm glad to see that Bishop is training his lens on some furry animals and wonder what Tricia's favorite, the bilby, looks like.

Roberta at Wrapped in Foil enjoyed reading Nic Bishop Butterflies and Moths, which is a Cybils nonfiction picture book nominee this year.

Lynn and Cindy's post at Bookends comes with a warning:  do not read while eating!  It's about Crust and Spray: Gross Stuff in Your Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat by CS. Larsen.

The Wild About Nature blog reviewed two titles this week, Marsh Music and Marsh Morning, both written by Marianne Berkes.  The marsh is the place to go for music, it seems.

Abby (the) Librarian has a review of Sacred Mountain Everest by Christine Butler-Taylor, all about our relationship with Everest and about the mountain itself.

The NEW Lori Calabrese Writes! reviews How We Are Smart by W. Nikola-Lisa and Sean Qualls. Learn all about multiple intelligences and the different ways people are smart.

Shirley at SimplyScience has DK's Open Me Up (and an activity to go along with it).

Mid-afternoon edition

Jennie at Biblio File is in with Show and Tell by Dilys Evans:  not really for kids, but for adults who like picture books.  One of the picture book artists profiled in this book (and highlighted by Jennie) is Denise Fleming, whose medium is...paper.

Anastasia at Picture Book of the Day is reading The Obama Family in Pictures by Jane Katirgis, just in time for Election Day tomorrow.

Amanda at a Patchwork of Books has a review of A Really Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, which emphasizes science and natural history.

And for their very first Nonfiction Monday post, the Z-Kids and their dad Aaron Zenz of Bookie Woogie have interviewed author Patricia Newman about "Nugget on the Flightdeck," an exciting book about life aboard an aircraft carrier (illustrated by Zenz himself).  Bookie Woogie features the kids' commentary  and fan art for every book they review.

Late evening news

Jone is in with a review of Bubble Homes and Fish Farts by Fiona Baycock, another Cybils nonfiction picture book nominee with a great title and unusual focus on the uses of bubbles in the natural world.

And Bookmoot is back in the saddle with Texas Bluebonnet List Picture Book Biographies.  There are two biographies on the list this year: Surfer of the Century and The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau.

One more:  Doret at The Happy Nappy Bookseller has Sweethearts of Rhythm by Marilyn Nelson and Jerry Pinckney.  It's the story of the greatest all-girl swing band in the world, and you'll never guess who tells it.

Thanks for participating in Nonfiction Monday this week, everyone!

[The Tuesday Edition:  3T News and Reviews looks at books from Lerner's history and Visual Geography series.]