Winston Breen's Puzzle Party Starts Tonight!

We here at bookstogether love puzzle-mysteries, and one of our favorites is The Puzzling World of Winston Breen by Eric Berlin (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2007). The sequel to that book, The Potato Chip Puzzles, is available today, and author Berlin has devised what is possibly the best blog tour ever to promote it.  He also asked me to host one of the tour stops (Sunday, April 19).  I was thrilled, although I'm pretty sure that means I'm not eligible for the fantastic prizes.  Read all about Winston Breen's Puzzle Party below, and start solving: you have until midnight tonight to be entered in the first of seven drawings to win a signed copy of The Potato Chip Puzzles...and all week to work on the puzzles leading up to the final Grand Prize drawing.  What is the Grand Prize, you ask?  Read on: 

Librarians! Teachers! Booksellers! Parents!

Winston loves to puzzle his friends and classmates, and now he's got some puzzles for you! Solve the puzzles and submit your answers, and you can win...

  • A signed copy of Winston Breen's latest puzzling mystery, The Potato Chip Puzzles.
  • Or the grand prize: Every single one of G.P. Putnam's Sons Spring 2009 children's and YA books, plus advance reading copies of numerous Fall 2009 books!

Every day from April 16th to April 22nd, there will be a new puzzle waiting for you on a different blog:

April 16th: A Patchwork of Books
April 17th: Fuse #8
April 18th: Shelf Elf
April 19th:Books Together
April 20th: Bookshelves of Doom
April 21st: Chicken Spaghetti
April 22nd: Oz and Ends

Go to every blog! Solve every puzzle! Submit your answers by the end of each day to Every day, one randomly drawn correct answer will win a signed copy of The Potato Chip Puzzles!

And save your answers -- you're going to need them to solve the final puzzle on April 22nd. One randomly drawn person who submits the right answer to that puzzle will win not only The Potato Chip Puzzles but over two dozen other books, courtesy of G.P. Putnam's Sons!

Get ready to start solving! The party begins April 16th!

Are there any questions?

How do I submit the answer to a particular puzzle?
Just pop it into the subject header of an e-mail and send it off to

Can I submit more than one e-mail per day?
If you send in an answer that you later realize is wrong, feel free to send in a new e-mail with the correct answer. But please don't send multiple e-mails as a way to improve your chances. For one thing, it won't work.

What's the deadline to get you the answer to a puzzle?
Midnight (Eastern time) on the day it appears.

What if I miss a day or can't solve one of the puzzles? Will I still be able to solve the final puzzle and be eligible for the grand prize?
Probably. The final puzzle has been designed so you can miss one or two of the previous answers and still figure things out. But the more answers you have, the easier that final puzzle will be. The obvious solution is to join the party every single day!

I'm a kid. Can I play, too, or is this only for teachers, booksellers, etc.?
Everyone can play! But note that a couple of the puzzles will be a notch or two harder than they are in the books. Feel free to team up with other kids or an adult! I'm sure you can do it.

[Me again.]  You'll find the link to the puzzle for Sunday, April 19 right here at bookstogether; I'll post it at midnight so you'll have plenty of time to solve it.  In the meantime, I'll post my reviews of both The Puzzling World of Winston Breen and The Potato Chip Puzzles.  Thanks for visiting, and for participating in Winston Breen's Puzzle Party!