The Hidden Adult in Henry Huggins

The CCBC-Net discussion topic for the second two weeks of July is Perry Nodelman's newest book, The Hidden Adult: Defining Children's Literature (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008). Coincidentally, I just read Henry Huggins (one of the six children's books under consideration in The Hidden Adult) aloud to the kids, both of whom enjoyed it immensely; in fact, they're clamoring for me to read the next book in the series (Henry and Beezus) as I type.  I was reminded of how much I loved Beverly Cleary books, which were easily identifiable in their Yearling editions by the author's name in red bubble letters above the title, and of how well they've held up:  Henry Huggins was first published in 1950; I read it in the late 70s, and my kids are reading it another 30 years later.  I'm looking for a copy of The Hidden Adult so I can participate in the discussion.

Aside:  I actively dislike one of the other five books (The Purple Jar, Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Doolittle, The Snowy Day, and Plain City) Nodelman analyzes in The Hidden Adult.  Guess which one?