Awful Ogre, Summer's Over

Awful Ogre and I are forced to admit that summer's over.  You can read all about Awful Ogre's summer in Awful Ogre Running Wild by Jack Prelutsky, with gloriously grotesque watercolor and pen and ink illustrations by Paul O. Zelinsky (Greenwillow, 2008).  Actually, Awful Ogre and our family did a lot of the same things:  painted pictures, went on picnics, attended concerts, visited grandparents.  There may have been a little running wild in there, too.

"Awful Ogre Reflects on the Summer"

Oh, it's been an awful summer,
A delightful awful summer,
Just the sort of awful summer
Awful Ogre does adore.
But at last, alas, it's ending,
Yes my awful summer's ending,
My delightful awful summer
Now is practically no more.

Prelutsky and Zelinsky's Awful Ogre's Awful Day (Greenwillow, 2005) is just as awful as his summer was.  Which is to say, we loved it.

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