More Binny, Please

I preordered the second in the Binny series by Hilary McKay--Binny in Secret, the sequel to Binny for Short (American edition Margaret K. McElderry, 2013) from back when it had a publication date of September 4, 2014. Eventually (this morning) I noticed that it had not arrived and located a new release date of June 16, 2015, a blurb, and cover art by Micah Player, who did a fantastic job on the illustrations for Binny for Short (I'm also a fan of his picture book, Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Travelling Girl, published by Chronicle earlier this year). So I'm sad about the delay, but on the plus side, the blurb promises a school story (with obligatory bullying--poor Binny is called a "grockle" by her stuck-up classmates), a move to an old house in the country (always good), and some sort of connection between Binny and the three children living in the house in 1913, whose stories are interwoven with hers. Worth the wait. [Waiting on Wednesday.]